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“I would strongly recommend that you expose your child to early stimulation, especially the first year, because that way you are really getting the most out of your child’s abilities.”

“I started bringing my son to Baby Stars when he was 6 months old and I saw huge progress.”


- Mother

“Sensory experiences such as hearing, seeing, smelling and touching develop the brain by building connections.”

“Baby Stars’ method of early stimulation creates new circuits in the child’s brain while you two have fun and bond.”

Dr. Jose Mark Rub, M.D.

- Pediatrician, Expert in Early Child Development

“In my experience, I have noticed that children who come from an early stimulation program show better skills socially, emotionally and also intellectually.”

Audrey Dee Lederman

- Early Childhood Teacher

“Early childhood stimulation has been one of the great contributors to the improvement of the performance, intelligence and the capabilities of adult human beings.”

“Baby Stars is an organization which allows children to reach their growth physically, emotionally and intellectually.”

Dr. Jorge A. Herrera, M.D., Ph.D.

- Neuropsychologist and expert in early child development

“Dear Edith, The best “work” time I will spend this week was surely the visit to Baby Stars. Muy impresionante. What I saw in an hour and a half was a lot of expertise and wisdom (yours) in a splendid setting with all the right “equipment” and wonderful smiles on the faces of babies and parents. It is the best “Mommy and Me” program I’ve seen anywhere. Felicidades. Le deseo lo mejor en su trabajo importante.”

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David Lawrence Jr.

- The Miami Herald
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